Right now, anyone who is in the stock market might be sitting on some big losses. In fact. probably almost everyone who owns individual stocks or is in mutual funds has huge losses right now in 2008. This is a big barrier for stock market beginners and dummies and it makes them wonder whether the stock market is worth learning. If you have all your money in an IRA then you will have the same big losses but at least you wont have to mess around with your taxes yet.
There is a $3000 maximum loss that you can declare every year on your taxes for stocks. $3000 is hardly anything in today's economy and so most people are going to have to carry over their losses for many years to come. What a pain in the ass....thanks, you slimey polititions in Washington.

Everyday lately I sign on to my computer to see how much I lost that day. It used to be how much I made, then it went to maybe I made money or maybe I lost, and now it is always how much I lost everyday in stocks. Huge stock market losses are enough to make people sick and it is hard to put everything into perspective.

How do you deal with losing a months pay in one day in the stock market? Depending how much money you have in the stock market, there may be days where you lose way more than a day's pay. Everyone is always trying to find the hot stock and there are always stock market gurus and analysts who will sell you their "hot stocks of the day". When the market is down big like it is now though, there aren't a whole lot of super hot stocks. Everyone is losing money.

In order to deal with huge losses in stocks, one really has to learn how to compartmentalize things. The stock market is the stock market, work is work, your family is your family, life is life, etc. They are not related. Also a little recession humor goes a long way to with helping out your disposition. If you are properly diversified then these big stock market losses will not effect you as much. Everyone needs to learn how to diversify, especially stock market beginners.

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