Stock Market beginners may wonder what capital gains taxes are and why Barack Obama is going to raise them. First of all, capital gains taxes are those that must be paid on any stock you sell for a profit. If you buy a stock and are fortunate to sell it at a later date for more than you bought it, you will have to pay capital gains taxes.

Capital gains taxes are at a different rate (usually higher) than other taxes because politicians in Washington can get away with it. Politicians on both sides want your money and they will tax you on anything they can. Unfortunately, not that many people own stocks or have enough money to own stocks and that is why there is no outcry from the common man about capital gains taxes. If everyone owned stocks and had to pay that tax when they made money, it would be much harder for sneaky and dishonest politicians to raise the capital gains tax.

Barack Obama has made it very clear that he will raise capital gains taxes. Like every Democrat, he wants your money and he has no sympathy for anyone who works hard and has money to invest. His belief is that if you have money to buy stocks with, you must have too much money. Barack Obama is going to raise taxes on capital gains and then in the next sentence will tell you that your taxes are not going up.

Barack Obama and all politicians are liars. He has said that he will not raise taxes on anyone who makes over $150,000.00 per year and yet he has made it clear that he will raise capital gains taxes. He hopes that you are not listening carefully and are a stock market dummy and too stupid to understand that by raising the capital gains tax, he is raising EVERYONES tax who owns stock. Everyone in America who owns stock and now pay more tax than before Barak Obama was elected. Geez, we are not all stupid dummies you know, Barack.

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