It might seem obvious that good stock picks probably won't be found in spam. But I guess everyone wants to get in on the ground floor of a good deal and that is why this type of thing works.

Have you ever met someone who doesn't want a good stock pick? Stocks are almost like the weather: they are something people can discuss at cocktail parties, outdoor get togethers, or just about anywhere. It is a subject that is good conversation and it often is combined with people discussing the economy and how the country is doing.

A good stock pick is always welcome. It is sort of like an inside tip at the horse races and who wouldn't want that? Yes, there will always be a demand for that one stock that will be different from all the rest and turn out to be your next big winner.

That is the mentality that stock picking text spammers count on when they send a message that they have the next hot stock. There is always an urgency because this tip isn't going to last long! There service is the best (they will say) and the one stock they have for you will be going up guaranteed. Don't miss it by waiting!

Spammers have been around forever in all sorts of forms and now they have clearly moved to the texting platform. If the saying "there is a sucker born every minute" is true, don't let it be you when it comes to stock picks.

Listening to professional analysts is one thing and that always carries with it some risk. But getting taken by an anonymous text about a soon to be hot stock is clearly something even the greenest beginner shouldn't let happen.

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