The Dow has had a record breaking year and is higher than ever before at 16,000. Anyone, who has a 401K or any money in stocks is surely VERY happy right now.

Too Many People Have Nothing To Invest

The problem is that so many people in America are in debt and have zero savings to invest. All those folks haven't made a dime in the market and whether the market goes up or down has no interest to them. Its a real shame and a real problem.

The stock market has, in recent years, gotten the bad rap that it is only for the rich. Nothing could be further from the truth as it is for everyone who has money to invest. But unemployment is high, debt is higher, and people across the country are struggling just to put food on the table. Many people obviously have nothing to put in the stock market and to them, anyone who has any savings at all may seem to be "rich".

Politics aside, the United States is in big trouble. Some 40+ percent don't even make enough to pay any income taxes. That is NOT a good thing. Earning your own money and making enough to save and invest empowers people to pull away from government dependency. Who wants to be dependent on the government for things if you can provide for yourself and make your own decisions?

Start Saving And Get Started Buying Stocks

Saving and investing should start when you are young, preferably when you are in your 20's. Start saving BEFORE you get married and have kids. Get into the habit of saving at least 10% of every paycheck and cut back on things you don't need if that is the only way to do it. Then put some of that money in the stock market. You don't have to put all your savings into stocks but the important thing is to get started. Put something in and get your feet wet. Just getting started is the hardest part.

Once you open your first online discount broker account and buy a stock or two, you will become more familiar and comfortable with the process. All the fear will evaporate and you will learn as the years go by. Most importantly, the next time the market reaches a new milestone high, you will have had money in stocks and have profited along the way.

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