Wall Street Survivor

The stock market is always interesting to new investors and with interest rates at an all time low, there are very few ways to make money with your savings. Stocks are about the only way to have a chance of getting a decent return but there are risks and lots of confusing terms to learn.

Now there is a fantasy stock trading game for all those who want to get involved and learn the ropes and terminology without the risk. Wall Street Survivor is the best stock trading simulation game out there and the good news is that it is absolutely FREE! This game and site is meant for beginners and people who want to learn about the stock market and how to trade online.

I signed up (takes less than a minute) to see what it was all about and let me tell you , there is a lot going on at this stock simulator game including weekly and monthly contests where you can win prizes. First of all, you make buy and sell stock trades just like you would on any other real stock site platform. So, when you learn how to make the trades at Wall Street Survivor, you have learned how you would do it at a real online broker for real money.

The amount of material that is available for FREE is amazing. They have training videos, tutorials, a massive forum, contests which everybody is automatically entered in, a research section, and much more. Once you sign up you will quickly realize there is no shortage of things to do on Wall Street Survivor and things to learn.

Initially, you are given $100,000 to start out in virtual cash which you use to build up your very own stock portfolio. You can buy and sell stock (with your fantasy dollars) at the real prices of the stocks as they go up and down during the day. Just like in real life, you can learn how to short sell, set stop limit orders, put in orders after hours and just about anything you can do at a real online broker you can do here. You will be managing your very own stock portfolio through simulated trades that are executed on a real-time stock trading platform. As you can see below I am up a little from my starting amount of $100,000.


Wall Street Survivor is a very cool FREE site where you can learn how to invest and manage your own stock portfolio without any of the risk. So, once you feel comfortable with how the market works and how to do some research, you can sign up with a real online broker and jump right in. If you want to know what the market is like and what it would be like to have your very own portfolio of stocks that you can trade, this free stock simulation game is a no brainer. Sign up for Wall Street Survivor today and give it a spin.

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