It is not the easiest thing to make money in stocks but it is especially hard if you bought some Green Bay Packers stock last month. That stock is truly stocks for dummies as a $250 "share" of the company is 100% worthless.

The Green Bay Packers are a US football team that has some of the most loyal fans of any sports franchise. That is why the team was able to sell those worthless shares to raise money for a future new stadium. The fans were willing to plop down that kind of money per share just so they could proudly own part of the team. The thing is though, that they don't really own anything more than a piece of paper. Anyone who thought they were investing in the team is/was sadly mistaken.

It is a great way for a team to make money and the Packers are probably one of the only teams with such a loyal fan base that they could do this. It was reported that they earned more than 62 MILLION from the sale of stock which should be more than enough for a new stadium. I'm sure 99% of the people buying the stock new it wasn't worth anything but were willing anyway just to be able to display their certificate (see below) and say that they helped the team.

I'm sure the taxpayers of Wisconsin were happy with this money raising tactic as well so that they didn't have to foot the bill. Most professional sports teams are able to milk the taxpayers whenever they need new stadiums and in this awful economy, any new taxes are a heavy burden. By successfully issuing this stock in the team, the Packers were able to get what they want/need without angering any of the taxpayers and potential fans.

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