How do you find hot stocks? Or do you even try? The problem with the stock market is that everyone has an opinion. There are several channels on cable TV now that are devoted just to business and they continually have segments on where they interview analysts. These stock analysts always have their hot stock picks, tips, and market predictions and they can sound so very convincing. Stock market beginners will easily get sucked in with all this positivity.

Many times when you watch FOX Business or MS NBC, the stock gurus are asked about a list of stocks. It seems that very rarely do these "experts" say that you should sell a stock or not buy it. If you listen to these guys on a daily basis you will get the impression that the stock market is always just about ready to soar. Of course there are exceptions and not every analyst is that way but in my opinion most of them are usually positive in their stock market predictions.

Why are these stock experts, hedge fund managers, and guest hosts always so positive about stocks and the stock market? It is like they are pitchmen for the Dow and NASDAQ and trying to sell a product. In their case the product is the stock market and they want you to get involved and start buying stocks. If they can continually paint stocks in a positive light then there will be more business for them from all the stock market dummies.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to buy stocks and how the stock market works, perhaps it is best not to listen to these financial shows that tout theirs stock tips of the day and hot stocks ready to soar. If you listen to these stock gurus all the time, you may get the idea that it is easy to make money in stocks. If you pick the right stocks and have good market timing it is, but not many can do that and especially someone who is in the stock market for beginners.

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