All the business TV's shows have a stock ticker but it is always 20 minutes delayed. If you go online to MSN, AOL, or any other popular service the stock quotes and stock ticker are also delayed. Even if you sign up and open an account with a major broker, the quotes you get online are 20 minutes delayed.

Where do you find a downloadable application that will put a real time free desktop stock ticker on your computer? Stock tickers are very cool looking and to have one on your computer desktop would be very handy, especially now with the stock market being so volitile. There can be 100 to 200 point swings in just minutes and stocks go up and down like yo-yo's. Being able to get real time quotes is very important right now and without them you feel more and more like a stock market dummy than ever before.

With all the major brockerage account services you have to sign up, deposit money, and then make a special request to get real time quotes. It is a pain to have to do all that but real time quotes are a necessity in panic market. Having a free real time stock ticker on your desktop would make things a whole lot easier. In order for it to work you would have to, of course, be constantly connected to the Internet but most computers are now days.

If you look online for a free real time desktop stock ticker all you can find is something like the picture below. Not only is that not real time but it is not really a ticker. I am talking about a stock ticker like you see on TV that goes across the screen in real time. This kind of ticker is always up to date and gives you stock quotes that are accurate to the second. There is almost anything imaginable on the Internet and I find it hard to believe that one can't find such a free stock ticker for thier desktop. If you know where to find one, please leave a comment and let us know where it can be found.

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