The stock market is going up and down now like a yo-yo on an hourly basis. Right now is not the time to buy stocks as everything is just too uncertain. The way things are right now, the market can easily go up or down 500 or more points any day and that is just too risky to be buying stocks.

Around October 23rd is when the financial and insurance companies are going to know for sure how much of the Lehman brothers 400 billion they are individually going to be responsible for. At that time, there will be a little more certainty and a rally might be in sight. The market often rallies at the end of October as well so that looks like the time with the best chance to get a rally.

What stocks do you buy if a rally occurs and do you hold them long or short term? Unfortunately, if we get a 20% or so bounce there are going to be a lot of sellers as there are many people right now that would gladly sell many of their stocks right now for 20% more than they are worth. So short term might be the way to go.

But as for what stocks to buy when the market is low is anybody's call. Maybe you should look at some of the stock picker ads and find out what the experts are saying. Whatever they say, they could be wrong or they could be right.

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