Stock Market For Beginners Lesson 4 - Once you have money in your account, you can now invest in the stock market and buy stock. Since this is 2008 and everything is very simple online, we will assume you are going to want to learn how to buy stocks for beginners online.

When you go into your online account with whatever online stock broker you have chosen, you will get a user account number or name and a password. It will be just the same as any other account you may have on the Internet.

You will want to buy your first stock and you will probably have decided on a stock by reading the newspaper and other stock market news. You can find stock market advice almost everywhere now days. There are many TV shows you can watch where the "experts" make their picks, magazines, radio shows, and many Internet sites all offering free stock market advice and picks.

To buy your stock you need to put in your stocks symbol which will pull up some numerical information about that stock (stock market quote) as well as some news stories. There will be a "buy" and "sell" button and you will click the buy button.

You will then fill in how many shares you want to buy, pick the "market" option, and your stock will be bought for you . You should momentarily see some confirmation that the stock has been purchased and at what price.

Congratulations! The stock market for dummies might have seemed complicated but you have just bought your first stock!

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