Your Choices For Online Stock Market Accounts.

Stock Market For Dummies Lesson 7 - Most people who own stocks now have a broker account online. Every major brokerage firm will allow you to see your account online and to make your stock trades online. To learn more about stocks and buying them online, please see how to buy stocks online where you will see how easy it is to do.

In years past before the computer, you had to pick up the phone and tell your broker what you wanted him to do. Along with the personal service came higher commissions to buy and sell stocks that in today's online world.

In addition to the major brokers there are online brokers that are very reputable as well. Combined they control and manage billions of dollars and they are all insured by FDIC. Here is a short list of some of the biggest online brokers you may want to consider:

E Trade
Charles Schwab

The stock market for beginners is a often confusing so you must do some studying before you jump in. Once you learn a little though, the advent of the online broker makes it easy to get started and make your first stock trades.

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