Stocks For Beginners - When To Sell Stocks

One of the hardest decisions for any investor is when to sell a stock. The stock maket for beginners is very confusing and you are required to make many decisions.

Deciding what stock to buy and when to buy it are also difficult, but before you do you have no stake at risk. Doing nothing does not impact your money either still will have the same amount. Yes, you can feel stressed if you don't buy and the stock goes up but in the end you still will not have lost a dime.

It is different once you own a stock. If the stock is going down, you are losing money. Should you sell and jump off? Should you wait it out? If you have a gain should you sell and protect the gain? If you have a loss should you sell and minimize the loss in case the stock keeps going down?

If the stock is going up you have the same set of decisions. At what point do you cash out and take your gain? If your stock is going up and you don't sell, it may reverse course and go back down erasing your gain. Or, if you sell now, the stock may continue up and you will not make as much as you could of.

When to sell a stock market stock is the age old question that will never be answered. Whatever you do, it will probably be wrong in some time horizon. The best thing you can do is to pick a price you feel comfortable with before hand, and when your stock reaches that point either up or down, you sell your stock. That way you can live with your decision and the stock market for dummies will be a little less stressful.

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