Stock Market Investing - Holding A Stock

Stock Market For Beginners Lesson 5 - Now that you have decided to invest in the stock market and you own a stock, you will want to keep a close eye on it. The stock you own will go up and/or down everyday. That is normal and hopefully for you it will spend more time going up than down.

You can check your account anytime for a stock market quote, and you will need to figure out how long you want to keep your stock. You can get stock market advice like this by finding people who have recommended the stock you own. See what they say about your stock. Do they give you their target price? If so, what is it and do you want to hold on to your stock until it reaches that price? At some point you are going to want to sell stock and figuring out when is the right time may be the most difficult decision of all.

Your stock may also go down. In a down market, the stock market prices of most stocks goes down. If you buy a stock and it starts to go down, how long do you want to continue to hold on to that stock? The stock market for beginners is sometimes very difficult to get used to and to figure out. You will need to get used to your tolerance level as some people do not like to lose money for any reason. For those types of people, stock market investing may not be for them. Perhaps they should invest in a safe bank CD

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