Stock Market For Beginners Lesson 6 - At some point in time, you will want to sell your stock. You will do much the same as you did when you bought stock. Sign into your account and this time find the button by your stock that says "sell".

Fill in the numbe of shares that you want to sell and again pick the option that says "market". Click the "confirm" button a couple of times and you will have sucessfully sold your stock. Again, you should shortly get some confirmation that your stock was sold and at what price.

You will now have completed stock market trading for a second time. Hopefully, you were able to sell your stock for a gain, (in which case you owe taxes on the profit amount) but you also could have sold it for a loss. If you sold it for a loss you will of course not have to pay any tax.

It is important to keep both records of your buy and sell for your recordkeeping and tax purposes. Your broker is required by law to send all trading information to the IRS so you cannot get away without paying taxes on your gain if you have one. The more trades you make, you will have gains on some of your stock market trades and losses on others. This will make your taxes more complicated to prepare but if you want to continue with stock market investing, it is just something that you will have to get used to. The stock market for dummies can be intimidating esecially when you add in the tax component.

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